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Human Resources – People and processes to help achieve a Company’s goals and objectives!

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Throughout our decades, we deliver service! We have proudly delivered superior talent acquisition services and human resources solutions with an outstanding customer track record.

Copia HR knowledgeable Consultants are responsive, timely, and respect confidentiality. Our technology and systems support our clients, making it easy to do business with us!

Client services

Copia HR is an incorporated company offering the services of Human Capital Consulting Solutions. We focus on guiding companies in recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent to remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

Human Resources is no longer an administrative task but has become a proactive integral part of a Company’s strategic business structure. The workforce continues to change and evolve creating different demands on employers. A competent, experienced partner who understands how to impact the business through talent is vital to sustainability and profitability.

Copia HR is diverse, inclusive, knowledgeable, experienced! We are the professionals, professionals, rely on!

We specialize in managing the following projects: Experienced in the following market sectors: We can conduct business in eight languages:

· Talent Acquisition – Recruitment

· Talent Management – Human Resources

· Talent Relocation Services

· Talent Development & Training

· Business Consulting

· Exit Interview Service

· Industrial

· Materials

· Energy

· Consumer services, staples, supplies

· Health Care

· IT

· Public sector

· Financial

· Utilities

· Telecom

· English

· Spanish

· French

· Bengali

· Hindi

· Arabic

· Urdu

· Tagalog


A Competent Search Partner

The Difference in Success

Selecting the right search partner is the key to your search success. Copia HR Consultants have strong business acumen, a solid understanding of the changing workforce demographics and have adapted new recruitment strategies and proactive processes in supporting our clients to acquire great talent. Copia provides guidance and expertise on current market trends, compensation competitiveness and best practices in recruitment, allowing you to realize your desired results.

Introductory Meeting

The Start to Long-Term Business Relationship

Copia HR Consultants understand that every Client has a unique work culture and different objectives. Projects vary, however whether this is a recruitment project or HR consulting project our business relationships always commence with an information exchange meeting. (in-person or virtual).

During this meeting we will establish an in-depth understanding of your business, the project goals and objectives. We will identify key stakeholders and discuss challenges, participation and timelines for the project we are undertaking.

Copia HR will address any questions or concerns you may have and provide you an overview of how we will work together to create success.


A Plan for Success

Develop and Discuss Project Plan

Copia HR will map out a project work plan to ensure we achieve success while protecting your confidentiality.

Project plans will include roles, objectives, deliverables, timelines, follow-up and pricing for project completion. We will identify any changes that may have developed and make necessary adjustments.

Once approval is received, Copia HR shall set about working with your internal team to complete project within the given time frames.


Project Progression

Review, Adjust, Finalize Work

As Copia HR progress with the project we will send completed documents or identified candidates to the assigned internal team to review.

We follow up to discuss, isolate changes and make necessary adjustments as required by the client until the final document or candidate has been accepted.

During this phase we work closely with the client and request timely feedback to ensure the project stays on target.

Wrap-Up Phase

Provide Training, Implement, Follow-up

Copia HR shall work with the leaders to ensure the project is implemented smoothly and the help to guide any communication and/or training that may be required to achieve full project success within the workplace.

Should training be required prior to implementation, Copia HR shall design the training, provide trainer, material, and facilitate the training. We will work with the internal team to accommodate schedules ensuring no disruption to daily workflow.

Copia HR understands that no project is complete without follow-up. We will pre-schedule follow-up meetings to discuss achievements realized, next steps, or adjustments that may be necessary. Your success is our success!

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