Copia HR Professional Services Limited is an incorporated company offering the services of Human Capital Solutions and Consulting. We focus on recruiting, engaging and retaining. Copia is committed to assisting companies in achieving prosperity through great people and solid human resources solutions. We are located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and we offer services in three languages: English, French and Spanish. Our recruitment team search the world over to identify the talent you require.

Copia is committed to assisting companies in recruiting, engaging and retaining their most valuable asset, human capital! Human Resources is no longer just about people but rather a proactive integrated system of business and people. Copia understands the changing face of the workforce and the new workplace dynamic it has created. As companies struggle to remain competitive, human capital can make the difference between success and failure and create a competitive advantage.

Copia’s Consultants are trained and experienced not just in Human Resources but in Business. With this combined knowledge we can create not only a human resource solution but a solution that will drive productivity helping to meet your Company’s goals and objectives.